The lost harmonica

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The shy man came to pasin and asked my mom to see, the young man glimpsed to every where and said we were living here about 30 years ago, I was 5 years old and this room was our home, my uncle’s family were living in that big room.

-Did you find any thing during the repairs?

+only an spoon and a room!

he said sadly , I lost my harmonica those days here, I dropped it behind the chalangary of the steps and i couldn’t take it after that, i thought maybe you could find it.

The narcissus storage

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The kind purblind old neighbor, hardly but in good mood came to our yardو his wife was helping him to walk carefully, they decided to come to pasin in the way of physiotherapy.

His wife was shocked and amazed about the repairing the house, she said how much she liked to see pasin after 20 month repairing,

she said about 25 years ago a boy that his name was Mohammad was living here with his family, here was the Narcissus storage, they had to go to buy and collect Narcissus every twilight before the sunrise and fill the house with them and sell them all till night, and we had the nice smell of Narcissus every day all over the alley from this house.